All is well again

I have no fewer than 535 images in my 'To Blog' folder. Holy. Cow. That's what happens when I don't blog every day! All the website/blog issues should be completely sorted out and all back to normal now, so aside from a ridiculously busy schedule over the next 3 weeks, there's no reason for me not to blog.

The craziness of the next 3 weeks begins at 4am tomorrow, when Joshy and I have to wake up in order to make our flight to Pittsburgh. I've got a wedding on Saturday at the Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater House. Yeah, I'm excited to say the least. I'm pretty much all packed up, film included, and now all I have to do is wake up on time. Joshy and I don't get back until Monday, so we'll have a mini vacation in southwest Pennsylvania. Any suggestions on what to see and do?

I have Logan to share with you today...he's one year old! Well, he's a little older by now. The first part of his session we did very close to his birthday in June, but it poured down rain half away through, so we finished up a week or so ago out on the baseball field. He's such a smiley fella.

At the first session, walking was still....questionable. Now he's got it down pat!












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Molly said...

Aaaaaaaahhhhh the last one is adorable!! Little boy reaching up for the baseball; proud papa... Love it!!