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So, my website STILL isn't functioning properly. My web guy Chase is working on it, but it seems he's a little stumped as well. I know it'll get fixed, but it's been driving me CRAZY!!! I have no idea if this blog will even be seen, but it's been almost a week since my last post, and I've got lots to blog, so I'm just going to give it a go.

It's horseshow time here in Shelbyville! For those of you who don't have a clue what I'm talking about, I'm referring to the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration. It's a huge 10 day event right here in my home town, and Joshy and I have gone almost every night. We love watching the horses and watching the people, but my favorite part is by far the food. So far, I've had country ham sandwhiches, cotton candy, tater twirls, fried pickles, lemonade, potato wedges, chicken strips, nachos and ice cream. Aaaand most of those items I've had more than once. At this point in my pregnancy I seem to want to eat everything in site! Perfect timing for the yummy choices at the Celebration.

Can you believe it's September 1st? Four months and counting until Baby H arrives. Eek. I've got to get stuff done. We bought a crib today, so that's progress! Now, I just have to sand, paint, and put it together. Ahh..one thing at a time. September is going to be a crazy month. First, the horseshow, then Joshy's birthday, then a trip to Pittsburg for a wedding, then a trip to Charlotte for a baby shower, then JoEllen's wedding on the 23rd. Of course, we all know how crazy October is for sessions. Speaking of, if you're planning on a session between now and the end of the year, NOW is the time to book! I only have so many spaces open before I have to take maternity leave, so don't wait to late and wind up without your Christmas pictures this year!

I debated if I should post Toy camera or work stuff today, but I've got so much great work stuff to share, that the Toy camera is just going to have to wait! This is Callie's senior session from forever ago. She's a student at Webb, so naturally we wandered around their beautiful campus to find our settings. We also wandered down to the Bell Buckle fire department when Callie brought out her sassy side! By the way, you might recognize Callie from my new proofing site...her picture has been greeting us all week.

Canon EOS3 + Fuji 160 + RPL.



















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Bonnie said...

How gorgeous is this girl?! These are amazing! I love me some Callie Kerbo!