Sneak Peek

Yesterday, my wedding was in a Catholic church in downtown Nashville. While I've never been Catholic and never have any intention of converting, I've always enjoyed the Catholic churches I've visited over the years. I've decided it's because "Sister Act" is my favorite movie of all time. Silly as it may be, I just love watching Whoopi play Sister Mary Clarence over and over. Naturally, a close second for favorite movie ever is "Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit." We caught a little bit of it today on TV, and I found out that Joshy had never seen it all the way through. Not to worry...he's seen it now! "Sister Act" has been playing on broadway in New York since April, and I'm dying to go see it. We were hoping to get there this fall before baby arrives, but it just never happened. Maybe one day soon. But enough about that....

It'll be a while before I have all the pictures from yesterday, but I did want to share this quick sneak peek. The reception was at One Eleven Events, which is a rooftop venue above the Big River Grill on Broadway in downtown Nashville...more to come when the film gets here!

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