Happy New Year Indeed

Introducing Clark Thomas Henderson. Born December 30th, 2011 at 9:11am, weighing 8lbs, 1oz and measuring 19.25 inches long.

We checked into the hospital bright and early Friday morning, and before I knew it, it was time to be wheeled into the operating room. The surgery was scary, but Joshy was with me the whole time, and it luckily went very quickly without complications. We had Clark in our arms before noon.
My recovery has been much quicker and easier than I expected. I've been sore and tired, but I'm feeling better and better by the hour. Joshy is a natural when it comes to being a dad and has been an amazing support for me while I recover. And Clark is simply perfect. He's a healthy and happy and loves to snuggle. He wound up weighing less than we expected, but his head is very large, and ultimately he would have been delivered via C-section whether we'd planned it or not. We head home tomorrow, and we can't wait to get settled at home with our son. We're both completely smitten. I can't imagine spending my New Year any other way.


Mary P. said...

Congratulations! And Blessings! Some of the happiest, most content times in my life were when M&M were newborns! There is nothing like it!

Danielle McCann Photography said...

Ohhh JB!! He's beautiful. Congrats to you & Josh!