New Laptop

I have felt so out of sorts over the past two weeks. My laptop...the magical machine I spend so many hours per day on...could no longer function like it was supposed to. A virus somehow planted itself on my computer, and if I connected to the internet, the whole thing would freeze. So, if I needed the internet, I had to use Joshy's computer. But...if I needed anything else, such as Photoshop and my gozillion files, I had to use mine. I was constantly back and forth with my jump drive. I finally broke down and ordered a new laptop, and it arrived all bright and shiny on my doorstep yesterday. Since then, I've been working non stop to get it set up, transferring files, downloading and installing programs, and setting up all my preferences. Slowly but surely, I'm getting everything settled. I still feel rather out of sorts though...the keyboard is different, and I'm having trouble typing. Plus, I somehow managed to get behind on some projects, and now my regular work is picking up again. So not only am I moving a little slow on a new machine, I'm trying to play catch up as well. I guess you could say my maternity leave is officially over. That's good news for you blog readers, because it means I'll have new content for you soon! For now, just one quick shot of Clark meeting his great-grandmother. It's from a while back, but I didn't get the film back until recently.

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