By now I'm sure you're all aware of just how much Joshy and I love to travel. Before Clark, we managed to get all over....a cross-country road trip, a month long tour of Europe, a couple of cruises, and several trips in between. Traveling now is just a bit more complicated...we have to pack and plan for a third teeny, sometimes unpredictable travel mate. Even so, we're up for the challenge, and we hope to continue our travels with baby in tow. This week, we made our first trip out of town as a family of three when we headed down to Atlanta. Sure, Atlanta isn't that far, and we didn't stay for long, but it's a start! We went to meet up with Jonathan Canlas and the FINDers...we got to be models for the workshop! Soooo much fun! I can't wait to see all the amazing pictures. Since we weren't visiting for very long, we didn't do much touristing, but we did make it to the World of Coca Cola for a tour and tasting. I'll admit, the process was exhausting for all of us. We asked a lot of our 11 week old, from the long car ride, to the posing in the heat for pictures, to sleeping in a new place and so much more, and Clark handled every bit of it like a champ. He was such a good travel baby. Here's hoping to more trips in the near future.

Clark, all ready to go!

On the way to Atlanta, we stopped to have lunch in Chattanooga with my sister. Clark helped her pick out what she was having.

The wonderful World of Coca Cola. Believe it or not, when I was younger, I had a room decorated in Coke memorabilia. Don't ask me why.

The vault where the secret formula is kept.

My favorite part...the tasting room! So many different flavors from all over the world!

My favorite was the Fanta Mango from Thailand.

Clark has recently discovered his hands. He can keep himself entertained for quite a while when chewing on them.

Of course, no trip is complete with out a meal at Denny's! It's kinda our thing.

Clark's first Denny's visit! Did you know we've been to 14 different Denny's in 10 different states over the past 5 years? I know, we are weird.
Next on our travel list....perhaps St. Louis with a stop at Metropolis. We may also attempt NYC this fall with Clark...we haven't decided yet. I'll keep you posted!

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Devon said...

I can't believe how much Clark has grown in just one month. It's good to see the camera loves him!