I've been a little anxious all day. Recently, we made the choice to send Clark to day-care two days a week. We decided that, with Joshy at home all day and me working from home, Clark didn't get to see many other people all that often, and we want him to have the opportunity to be around other adults and have a change of scenery. Plus, we're afraid he's going to get too parent/home attached. We also knew he would learn a lot from the other kids, especially since he doesn't have an older sibling to watch. Not to mention it would give Joshy a break to grocery shop, clean, etc. Today was his first day there, and I'll admit...I've been a nervous mama. I tried to resist, but I caved and called to check on him. I got a good report, so I'm feeling a little better, but I'll probably pick him up just a little earlier than we planned...just because. I have a few photos from Alec's senior session. I headed to his aunt's house in Murfreesboro, and the weather was fantastic. I hope this comfortable, low humidity weather sticks around for as long as possible.








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