Clark- 4 months

I believe it is high time for a little update on Clark! We took him to the doctor today for his four month check up. Yes, you read that right...FOUR months! He is growing and changing so quickly.
Watch Clark Grow 2wk-4mo copy
We love watching him discover the world around him on a daily basis. He has recently begun reaching out for things, and loves to play with his toy rings and keys. He also loves laying on his play mat and reaching up to the things hanging above him. His granny gave him a Baby Einstein in his Easter basket, and that movie holds his attention like nothing's amazing! Clark loves looking at screens of any kind...we may have another tech-geek on our hands. Not too long ago, we went with the Fosters and the Clemons to the zoo for the first time. I don't think he noticed a single animal, but he never stopped watching all the people around him...he loves faces!

He is eating a solid 7 ounces every bottle, which he takes 4 of during the day. We're still doing only formula, but we may begin introducing rice cereal soon, if we can manage to get his fingers out of his mouth! No teeth yet...who knows when those will come in. He sleeps like a champ. We put him in his crib without any fussing at 9pm, and most nights he doesn't make a peep until 8am. Occasionally he'll wake up in the night, but he puts himself right back to sleep. There have even been a few days he's slept until nearly 9am! According to the doctor today, he weighs in at 13lbs and is 24 inches long. Just right, if you ask me.

I mentioned we started putting Clark in daycare two days a week. He loves it! He has a great time watching the other kids play, and I know he likes getting out of the house and being around other people. I've finally (mostly) moved past my nerves, especially since I know he enjoys himself so much. Of course, it didn't take long for him to get a snotty nose...which lead to an ear infection, but all that is long gone now and he's as healthy as ever.

Recently, we heard Clark laugh for the first time! He got sooo tickled at a silly noise I was making, and just giggled and giggled. He grins and smiles and coos all the time, but we haven't turned his tickle box back on quite like that again. Instead, he does a funny little fake cough to 'laugh.'

We head to North Carolina in a few weeks for Joshy's sister's college graduation. This will be Clark's first time meeting that side of the family, and we're excited to show him off. And after our successful Atlanta road trip, I'm not worried about the drive. Speaking of Atlanta, here are a few photos I took on film while we were in our hotel. (Tri-x 400, E0S3, RPL)

Atl18 Atl14 Atl09 Atl08 Atl04 Atl21
These next few photos are a bit older...we had a mini family session on a nice day at the end of February around the square in Shelbyville. Clark has grown so much since then! He wasn't into was too sunny and windy for him.
83510013 83510029c 83510016c 83510011 83510004
Last but not least, a few from his "official" 3 month session.
CTH_3mo04 CTH_3mo07 CTH_3mo17 CTH_3mo23
Of course, I have TONS more photos, but this is just enough for now...I may do another post at some point of Toy camera photos. There's just so many, it's hard to get them organized for a post. I'm starting to get some pictures back from the FINDers, and when I have more, I'll post a handful of them. Of course, If you're interested in seeing cell phone pics of him on pretty much a daily basis, you can always follow my Tumblr.

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