The Fosters

Ok, I couldn't wait any longer to share these. I've been trying to schedule a session with the Fosters for what seems like forever. They moved back to the Nashville area almost a year ago, and we just now got around to doing pictures. And it was time for an update...I haven't had a session with these three since Aiden's newborn pictures! Needless to say, he's grown quite a bit since then. I'm pretty sure Aiden and Clark will be big buddies one day.... All photos in this post were on Fuji 160, shot with my Canon EOS3 and processed at Richard Photo Lab. Foster003
Foster004 Foster006 Foster007 Foster011 Foster014 Foster017 Foster023 Foster025 Foster028 Foster032 Foster036 Foster041 Foster045 Foster049 Foster054 Foster066 Foster069 Foster072 Foster074 Foster078


KB said...

Beautfiul picture.

Anonymous said...

Those are amazing pictures, Jenna Brie!!! Of course, it's helps that you have such sweet subjects. Fabulous pictures, Foster Family. just darling!!!