I'm not an iPhone user. Even though I know they're awesome phones, and Apple always puts out great products, I'm just not a mac user in any way. My computer is a PC, and my cell phone is an Android Pro. As such, I've been a bit behind the rest of the world when it comes to taking pictures with my cell phone. Mostly, I haven't been a cell phone snapper because I carry my trusty Toy Camera with me everywhere, and it really gets the job done. But recently, when Instagram made their app available to Droid users like me, I thought, "Hey, why not give it a spin?" I've seen dozens hundreds of other people's cell phone pictures of their kids, their pets, and their lunches....maybe it's time for me to join the crowd. And you know what? I love it. As silly as it may sound, I love taking a little square snapshot, putting some silly, trendy effect on it, and posting it to a Tumblr account. It's instant, there is no workflow, and I can take a picture of whatever I want for no good reason at all. Now I'm not going to be that person that tweets them all and then posts that tweet to Facebook. I realize that most of the pictures I take are going to be super boring to everyone else, and I refuse to shove them down your throat via your daily newsfeed. Why should you care that I got Sonic yesterday? Why would it be interesting that Clark is taking another nap? It's not interesting. It's mundane, daily life. And yet, documenting it in this way has been so much fun. So here it is, the one and only post you'll ever see on this blog of the images from my phone of my kid, my lunch, and even an obligatory photo of my feet.


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