Happy Monday! I hope you all had as wonderful a weekend as we did here at our house. We didn't do anything too crazy, but it was nice to spend some quality non-working time at home with my fellas. We had dinner with both sets of our parents this weekend, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo out with friends in Downtown, took a spontaneous Sunday morning trip to Waffle House, and spent lots and lots of time snuggling with our baby boy. It won't be long before he's up and walking around. Now it's back to the office for me...editing, emailing, blogging...all a part of a typical Monday morning. I've got a couple of shoots coming up this week I'm pretty excited about, as well as a wedding at CJ's. Today, I have my favorites from Christian's one year session. He was more interested in walking around than pictures, but isn't that supposed to be what a 1 year old wants to do? CB1yr04
CB1yr10 CB1yr14 CB1yr20 CB1yr28 CB1yr33 CB1yr43 CB1yr49

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Molly said...

What a handsome little man!! The orange checkered cuffs are my favorite. Great pictures!!