Chris & Dawn Engagements

Yesterday, despite the fact it was a Monday, I took the day off. I've been a busy bee with work the past couple of weeks, and I felt like I'd hardly seen Clark at all, so I took the whole day to spend with him. We shopped, we went to lunch, and we had a grand time. This may be something I have to do more often. Sometimes, when I have weddings scheduled, I manage to work 6 days a week. Sometimes, that's just a little too much. Today I feel much better, ready to tackle my work load.

Before I begin the mountain of things that need to be done, I have some colorful engagements to share. Dawn & Chris picked the 12th South district as the backdrop for their session; we had lots of fun walking up and down the busy street, interrupting people drinking their coffee so we could take a brief picture. We also happened upon a cranberry couch, so naturally, they took a seat, and I took a picture.
Fuji 160 + Canon EOS 3 + RPL

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