Jamie & Tiffany tie the knot

Last Saturday it was a bazillion degrees, and I spend most of my day outdoors. This Saturday is was pretty much perfect, and I spent most of my day indoors. Of course, both Saturdays I was excited to be where I was shooting what I was shooting, but it sure would be nice if the weather and I could get on the same page! At least I got to enjoy a little nice weather at Jamie & Tiffany's wedding in April. It was just right. Here are my favorites, all on film. (Fuji 160 + EOS3 + RPL)
JTRollins138 JTRollins014 JTRollins131 JTRollins126JTRollins120 JTRollins037 JTRollins146 JTRollins149 JTRollins151 JTRollins160 JTRollins163 JTRollins169 JTRollins200

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