The Mason Kids

Tonight we're headed to Estill Sprints to the Montana Drive-In to see a movie. We loooove going to the movies, and the drive-in is the perfect option for us because we can haul Clark right along with us. Tonight however, we've decided to stay for the double feature (we're seeing Brave and The Avengers). Since it'll be a pretty late night for us, Aunt Sara is coming over to babysit. I had the brilliant idea that we should take the love seat from the living room and set it out by our car. Actually, it might be a crazy idea, and it might make us look really silly, but we're still going to give it a try. Why not, eh?

While we're out watching a movie, check out the Mason family's mini session. Their "Mama C" is a good friend of my mom's, and I was excited to get to do pictures for them out on the farm.

Mason07 Mason10 Mason25 Mason26 Mason29 Mason31 Mason32 Mason35

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