Family photos at Cannon Beach

In case you haven't already heard, Cannon Beach is one of my very favorite places. Ever. I fell in love two years ago when I first visited while on a girls' trip. Since then, I've basically been obsessed with the views and the light. When we decided to visit this year, the first thing I though about was pictures...natrually. I knew I wanted to have some great pictures of our family at this place, but there is only so much I can do. Either I take all of them and I'm in none, or I have my totally not-a-photographer husband take it, and well...the results aren't always wonderful. (No offense, Joshy.) So, I turned to the FINDers network and connected with Natalie Grummer. She's actually based in Seattle, but happened to also be traveling to the Portland/Cannon Beach area the exact week we were. So after a few emails, we had our plan set.

These photos couldn't be more perfect. I know I will treasure them for the rest of my life. Thank you a million times over, Natalie!
HendersonFamily-Proofs-149 HendersonFamily-Proofs-147 HendersonFamily-Proofs-144 HendersonFamily-Proofs-137 HendersonFamily-Proofs-135 HendersonFamily-Proofs-131 HendersonFamily-Proofs-100 HendersonFamily-Proofs-108 HendersonFamily-Proofs-110 HendersonFamily-Proofs-115 HendersonFamily-Proofs-119 HendersonFamily-Proofs-121 HendersonFamily-Proofs-123 HendersonFamily-Proofs-126 HendersonFamily-Proofs-127

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