Sawyer's Birth Story

For those of you who know me, you know that I'm simply not a morning person. It's usually a good policy to try and not make conversation with me prior to 10am. Occasionally, however, there is reason to rise before the sun. Typically it's because I've got a plane to catch, but on the first Saturday in June, I found myself walking out the door at 5am to head to the hospital. Sawyer was scheduled to make his appearance, and Jimmy and Sarah had asked me to come along to photograph the whole thing.

It's an incredible honor to be asked to join in on such a big moment. Sarah was scheduled to have a C-section, and having been literally in the same room merely months before for my own child's birth, I was excited to get to photograph hers with a whole new perspective. I arrived at MTMC shortly after 5:30am....keep in mind I didn't even arrive that early for my own's not like they were going to start with out me! Anyway...

Jimmy and Sarah were already settled into their pre-op room, and so we sat and waited. And waited. And waited some more. There were a few other women delivering that morning, and so Sarah's non emergency surgery got pushed back a few hours. Finally, it was her turn and they wheeled her away from my lens and into the operating room. And so I waited some more.

Shortly after 10am, sweet Sawyer was born, and a rather overwhelmed Jimmy brought him into the nursery. After being weighed and measured, he was brought to Sarah for some snuggling and bonding.

I shot this with a mixture of digital and film, mostly because I was doubting my film in the dark hospital, but in the future, I expect to do more film and less digital for birth stories. It's such a raw, real moment, and I feel the story can be told better with film.

These are my favorites from their day...Sawyer's newborn photos will be up soon.
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