Anna Kate

Have you been watching the Olympics? We don't have cable, so we've only been able to catch it here and there. I love watching the swimming and the diving, especially the synchronized divers. It blows my mind that they have enough guts to not only jump off a diving board that high, but to also flip around a bazillion times before hitting the water. And in unison. Of course, thanks to the commentators, after a few minutes of watching, I begin to feel like an expert in the sport and I start making comments like, "oh, that wasn't a good landing" and "oh the guy on the right was a little off on that last rotation." The truth is, I know nothing. Perhaps I should just stick to photos. Which brings me to today's post. Miss Anna Kate is 2 years old! I went out to her family's new house in the country for her session. She's so adorable.

AKG2yr004 AKG2yr007 AKG2yr010 AKG2yr012 AKG2yr014 AKG2yr019 AKG2yr023 AKG2yr030 AKG2yr037 AKG2yr041 AKG2yr043 AKG2yr049 AKG2yr056 AKG2yr058 AKG2yr063

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