Brad & Michele, Part 1

What do you type when you don't have much to say? Well, you don't type much at all.

I'll let the pictures from Brad & Michele's wedding at CJ's Off the Square do the talking for me today. This is only Part 1 of this fabulously beautiful wedding. Part 2 will be around in a few days.

PS- All the images in this post are either Fuji 160 or Tri-X 400, shot with my Canon EOS3 and developed at Richard Photo Lab.
BMB184b BMB003 BMB012 BMB017 BMB039 BMB053 BMB060 BMB074 BMB082 BMB089 BMB093 BMB097 BMB102 BMB112 BMB118 BMB120 BMB121 BMB125 BMB153 BMB158 BMB163 BMB156 BMB181 BMB187 BMB200 BMB222 BMB231 BMB248 BMB269 BMB271 BMB287 BMB292 BMB307 BMB320 

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