A bite of the Big Apple

It was nearly 2:00 am before my head hit the pillow last night. After a very busy, quick trip to NYC, then a fantastic, upstate wedding, we had a seemingly endless day of travel yesterday to get home, but it felt so good to be back. First, it was a car ride from a bridesmaid's parents, then a train ride into the city, lunch, then a cab, a plane, a long, long wait, and one more plane before we finally touched down in good old Tennessee.
Our trip was short but packed full of fun. We arrived on Wednesday (late, thanks to a delay), and quickly discovered our hotel was a mere half a block from the heart of Times Square. It was dark by the time we got out to go explore, but Times Square never gets dark...too many bright lights and ads! On Thursday we slept in for the first time since Clark was born, and took our time working our way down to Battery Park, stopping along the way to shop and eat. Once we got to the end of the island, we took a ferry to the Statue of Liberty. Although I've visited on several occasions, this was Joshy's first trip to Liberty Island.

We had originally planned to see a show, but the one I really wanted to see (hello, Sister Act!), closed just a few days before we arrived, and we decided just to skip Broadway this time. We were pretty short on time, and we didn't want to feel rushed to make a showtime. So instead, we wandered around, eating and eating some more. Our second day included a visit to 30 Rock and 5th Avenue, then lots of walking around Central Park before arriving at the Museum of Natural History. Yes, you read that right: Joshy and I did a museum together, and survived!

We had to cut our visit short, however, in order to catch the train to the Hudson/Coxsackie/Catskill area for Britt and Tiffany's wedding! The area was actually quite rural, and very beautiful right in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. Of course, I shot most of their wedding on film, so we'll have to wait for those pictures. But for now I do have my Toy camera of our mini vacation. I actually didn't shoot anything but my Toy camera on this trip...it was so quick, I wanted to experience as much of the city as possible without looking through a lens. Plus I'm too lazy to drag my camera around sometimes.

I'm taking most of today off to catch up with Clark (who, by the way, did great while we were gone), but I'll be around all day tomorrow to catch up on the emails and what-not that's waiting on my attention...I'm a little more behind than normal, because on the days leading up to our trip I was sick with the flu! Be sure to stop by the blog soon...I'll have Matt and Amber's wedding to share!

Times Square! Our hotel was literally less than half a block away from here. P1070020_1

Many of you know "Sister Act" is my favorite movie ever! I was so excited that it was on broadway, and I've been trying to get to NYC to see it since last April. Finally, we're here.... P1070021_1 ...except, oh wait. It closed. 10 days before we arrived. I may have cried a little. P1070022_1

We watched this ball drop from the hospital this year, since Clark was barely 24 hours old when the new year began. P1070027_1

Despite the look on his face, the pizza we ate in Greenwich Village was delicious. P1070040_1

On the ferry to Liberty Island! P1070046_1

A view of lower Manhattan from the ferry. P1070050_1

Time for an audio tour! P1070056_1


Joshy's first time to see Lady Liberty. P1070068_1

We popped into the Toys R Us at Times Square to find a toy for Clark and found this! P1070073_1 P1070075_1

30 Rock! Except we didn't see Liz Lemon. P1070081_1

Joshy at Nintendo World! P1070083_1

We checked out the dinosaur bones at the Museum of Natural History. P1070090_1

These suckers were huge!! P1070094_1

After the wedding, waiting on the train to get home. P1070095_1

We had a beautiful view of the Hudson and upstate New York as the train rode along. P1070106_1

And finally, saying good bye to the city. P1070108_1

The good news is, "Sister Act" is going on tour! We'll have to go to either Chicago or Atlanta to see it, but you'd better believe I'll see it eventually!

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