Clark Thomas

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog to feature a few photos of Clark. Just because he's such a cutie. These are all from a few different days in August. Sometimes, after a wedding, I have a few shots left over on a roll of film...who better to use them on? These were shot using either Fuji 160 or Tri-X 400.CTH_Aug12_01 CTH_Aug12_02 CTH_Aug12_05 CTH_Aug12_11 CTH_Aug12_14 CTH_Aug12_15 CTH_Aug12_20 CTH_Aug12_21 CTH_Aug12_29 CTH_Aug12_32 CTH_Aug12_34 CTH_Aug12_38 CTH_Aug12_42 CTH_Aug12_45 CTH_Aug12_49 CTH_Aug12_50 CTH_Aug12_53 CTH_Aug12_52

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susan said...

Not a LITTLE bit...that's a whole bunch of adorable right there!!!! precious boy....thanks for posting Jenna...I love watching him grow!