Jill's hospital maternity session

I have no fewer than 14 posts to blog, including 2 weddings. I think it's safe to say, my blogging has fallen behind slightly. Unfortunately, since Friday I've been stuck in the bed with the flu. It's been miserable! I could hardly lift my head, much less blog, eat, go to the horseshow, or do anything I wanted to do. Today I'm feeling slightly better, enough that I'm forcing myself to get work done before we head out of town on Wednesday. And I simply must be completely better by then. Hear that, Flu? You have to be outta here by Wednesday.

Today I think it's only appropriate I share Jill's quick maternity session. We actually did this session at the hospital! She had been stuck there on strict bedrest for 5 weeks due to some complications, and her doctor planned on inducing in a few days. She was disappointed she never had a chance for maternity pictures, so our mutual friend Stephanie gave me a call, and we made it happen! I've been in the bed for 3 days and I look a mess...there is no way I would look this fabulous after 5 weeks! I hear mom and baby are all healthy and at home now, so the bedrest was worth it.
Jill02M Jill37M Jill28M Jill26M Jill16M

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