Josh & Rachel's downtown engagements

Well folks, we're out of here! For the first time since our honeymoon 7 years ago, Joshy and I are making a visit to the Big Apple! I'll be photographing a wedding in upstate New York on Saturday, but we wanted to have a few days in the city to ourselves....yes, without Clark. He's a terrific traveler, but NYC isn't the most baby friendly city, and with all the wedding equipment I have to drag along, it just seemed like too much for us. So, Clark's fabulous "Aunt" Devon has come in all the way from Portland to nanny while we're gone, and Joshy and I get time to ourselves for a bit. It's the first time we've left Clark more than a day & night, so it might be a little tough, but it'll also be welcomed.

Speaking of the city, I wanted to share Josh & Rachel's engagement session. They love their own city of Nashville! Their wedding next April will be right in the heart of downtown, and they felt it only appropriate their engagements were too. These two are super fun, and I just can't wait for next April!

JR008E JR012E JR017E JR021E JR030E JR041E JR071E

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