Matt & Amber, Part 2

Like I mentioned in Part 1, Matt is my first cousin, so I got to see lots of family at this wedding. In fact, my parents and sister were in attendance, and Sara Elizabeth hopped in my car and rode with me from the ceremony to the reception location. While we were en route, we wound up driving directly behind Matt and Amber in the vintage Rolls Royce getaway car. Of course, I wanted to take a picture as we were going down the road, but since I was behind the wheel, I figured it wasn't the best idea. So Sara Elizabeth grabbed my camera and snapped a shot! When we got to the reception, I did a mini photo shoot with the Rolls Royce...they're my favorite shots from the day. Enjoy!

Fun fact...Emma (modeling the bow here) was also a flower girl at my wedding!
MAS215 MAS265 MAS289 MAS296 MAS301 MAS305 MAS306 MAS319 MAS327 MAS331 MAS336 MAS342 MAS346 MAS350 MAS358 MAS372 MAS384 MAS385 MAS401 MAS404 MAS409 MAS411 MAS412
Great shot, Sara E!
MAS416 MAS418 MAS420 MAS424 MAS432 MAS434 MAS438 MAS440 MAS446 MAS454 MAS458 MAS467 MAS473 MAS480 MAS487 MAS490 MAS492 MAS508 MAS509 MAS513 MAS544
My family...Joshy and Clark came too, but Clark was sleepy, and they left before I got a picture.
MAS548 MAS551

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