Zach & Jessie

It's a wonder I made it through this wedding without getting impaled by a sword! Zack and some of his fellow groomsmen are military, and a sword was a part of the Marine's attire. He used it for a salute during the ceremony, and then to cut the cake later. I mean, hey...if you've got a sword, why not use it to slice the cake?

Special thanks to Jenny Cruger for stepping in to second shoot with me! There may be a couple of images in this post that are hers. Also, for the technical people, I used Fuji 160 and Tri-X 400 film for this wedding, up until the ceremony when I switched to digital.
ZJJ066 ZJJ001 ZJJ003 ZJJ022
ZJJ027 ZJJ028 ZJJ037 ZJJ064 ZJJ080 ZJJ087 ZJJ092 ZJJ107 ZJJ108 ZJJ110 ZJJ111 ZJJ120 ZJJ140 ZJJ162 ZJJ175 ZJJ181 ZJJ185 ZJJ188 ZJJ215 ZJJ219 ZJJ265 ZJJ273 ZJJ284 ZJJ285 ZJJ291 ZJJ337 ZJJ343 ZJJ364 ZJJ389 ZJJ411 ZJJ416 ZJJ445 ZJJ465 ZJJ468 ZJJ470 ZJJ478 ZJJ479 ZJJ491 ZJJ495 ZJJ563

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