Catskill Wedding, part 2

I'm pretty sure every time I mentioned I'd be shooting a wedding in New York, the first thing people thought of was a glamorous Manhattan soiree. And while that sounds lovely, I think I would have been rather overwhelmed with shooting in such a busy place like NYC. Upstate New York is fairly different from what I expected. It's actually not all that different from here, except slightly less populated. A mere two hour train ride from Penn Station, and we were in the middle of nowhere it seemed. There wasn't a Starbucks on every corner, or even corners, really. Just miles of the Catskill mountain range, and the perfect little white country church right in the middle of it all. It was just right for Britt & Tiffany's big day, and I'm so glad I had a chance to explore a whole new place. Part 1 can be found here, in case you missed it.
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Ben H said...

I love this photo. Bride looks like any other bride at this moment in her life. Great caption