Clark and Thanksgiving

Clark's first Thanksgiving was a perfect day filled with food and family. We started off at my dad's parents' for our first meal of the day, and Clark ate everything I put on his plate...and I put a lot on his plate. I think he takes after me when it comes to eating! He played with his cousins for a while, then we packed it up to head back to the farm for Thanksgiving #2. Once again, he cleaned his plate full of turkey, dressing, and all the fixings. He must have had a super full belly, because Friday he slept until 10:15! And so did we...we love when he decides to sleep that late, which happens quite often. He's such a good sleeper. He's also super tolerant of crowds, lines, and lots of shopping. Yes, we took out 11 month old Black Friday shopping and survived! I've never done Black Friday shopping before, but it was rather successful. Aside from two little items, our Christmas (and birthday) shopping is finished! Did any of you shop? I took some Toy camera pictures at Thanksgiving, but I've got some film shots from his 9 month session and around the house. Despite how it looks, he does own non-striped clothes...though not a lot. There just aren't many choices for baby boys that don't include some car, ball, or animal on it, you know?
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