Crews & Family

I stopped by Walmart this morning to pick up 3 things, and walked out with 6. I probably would have walked out with more, except I neglected to get a buggy or basket when I entered the store, and thus could only buy what I carried in my hands. I'm pretty sure I stuffed as much into my hands as possible. I have no doubt I looked pretty silly, trying to balance the macaroni and cheese box with the diaper genie refills. But that's Walmart for you, I guess.
Today I have a few photos from the Aguilera family's most recent session. Since then, they've grown into a family of 4! I haven't met the newest addition yet, but if he's anything like his brother, I'm sure he's already a charmer. Aguilera14
Aguilera09 Aguilera38 Aguilera29 Aguilera26 Aguilera01 Aguilera22 Aguilera16 Aguilera46 Aguilera42 Aguilera05 Aguilera45 Aguilera24 Aguilera11 Aguilera52 Aguilera48

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