Wedding in the Catskill Mountains, part 1

I survived! This Saturday was my last wedding of the year, and after shooting 10 weddings back to back, I am definitely ready for a bit of a break. It will be nice to know what a Saturday is again. Of course, I won't be completely finished with my weddings until the film has come back and the albums and discs are all safely delivered to my clients. Film has added a couple of weeks to my turn around time, so my blog posts will be coming in slowly, but surely. My fall weddings were simply fabulous, and I can't wait to share.

Today, I have the first wedding of the fall to share. Every now and then, I'm lucky enough to get to hop on a plane and travel to shoot a wedding....this time we headed to upstate New York for Tiffany and Britt's celebration. I took Joshy with me on this trip, and we spent a couple of days in New York City before catching the train to the Hudson/Coxsackie/Catskill area.

Tiffany and I have actually know each other since our days at Lipscomb. I was so thrilled when she asked me to come to her home town in New York for their sweet wedding. Tiffany and Britt decided to see each other prior to the wedding, and their first look was just off the front porch of her parents' home. The weather threatened us a lot through out the day, but even a rare tornado warning didn't stop the party.

Nor could a slight hiccup with the keys getting locked in the car....
BTD027 BTD031 BTD039 BTD040 BTD007 BTD003 BTD010 BTD016 BTD034 BTD052 BTD024 BTD051 BTD063 BTD073 BTD076 BTD078 BTD081 BTD085 BTD090 BTD096 BTD106 BTD113 BTD117 BTD120 BTD123 BTD139 BTD152 BTD156 BTD159 BTD164 BTD168 BTD177 BTD208 BTD209 BTD225 BTD236
Yep, the Catskill Police had to make a stop to help unlock Britt & Tiffany's car after the keys accidentally were locked in the trunk. Tiffany took the opportunity to brisk Britt, just for safe measure.
BTD231 BTD233
The cop wasn't too sure why he needed to be in the picture.
And that concludes part 1 of Britt & Tiffany's wedding. Check back soon to see part 2. Unfortunately, no police in the next post.

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