Bill & Lindsey, Part 1

On the outskirts of Shelbyville, there is a grand home on a sprawling farm. The view of the rolling hillsides goes on for miles, and when the sun sets, the whole place just seems magical. This was the setting for Bill and Lindsey's wedding back in September. Their wedding plans have been in the works for a long while, and when the day finally arrived, it couldn't have been more perfect. I'm splitting this into two posts...tomorrow I'll share some more gorgeousness...
BLF009 BLF022 BLF027 BLF038 BLF042 BLF051 BLF060 BLF068 BLF071 BLF075 BLF083 BLF087 BLF091 BLF098 BLF102 BLF113 BLF121 BLF125 BLF135 BLF139 BLF144 BLF170 BLF172 BLF177 BLF183 BLF185 BLF188 BLF202 BLF208 BLF213 BLF217 BLF222 BLF227 BLF239 BLF248 BLF266 BLF267 BLF280 BLF285 BLF289 BLF292 BLF294 BLF297 BLF303 BLF307 BLF311 BLF321 BLF326 BLF329 BLF335 BLF346
Check back tomorrow for the ceremony, some amazing sunset portraits, and their super fun reception.

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