Bill & Lindsey, Part 2

Just like I promised, here is the second half of Bill & Lindsey's wedding celebration. Their wedding and reception was just exactly right...perfect weather, a great group of friends and family, and plenty of food and cake for everyone.
BLF360 BLF362 BLF367 BLF374 BLF389 BLF390 BLF396 BLF408 BLF417 BLF418 BLF423 BLF428 BLF432 BLF435 BLF444 BLF456 BLF463 BLF477 BLF488 BLF495 BLF505 BLF508 BLF510 BLF517 BLF523 BLF531 BLF534 BLF537 BLF552 BLF557 BLF560 BLF569 BLF573 BLF578 BLF582 BLF585 BLF593 BLF605

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