Happy Birthday, Clark!

It's been one whole year since we welcomed our sweet son Clark into our lives. At this point in the day one year ago, I was handed a warm, teeny ball of baby with a soft, fuzzy head and pouty lips. In the weeks and months since then, he's grown from that squishy newborn into a laughing, crawling little boy so full of personality. There is hardly a moment that goes by where Joshy and I aren't completely cracking up at the funny, amazing things he does. In his first year, he's traveled to 4 different states, flown in a plane, and learned to crawl, clap, and wave. Clark isn't walking just yet, but I have no doubt he'll take off soon. He has two little teeth, which he uses to eat anything and everything he can fit in his mouth. He doesn't like peas, but he loves cheese. His favorite animal is a piggy, and his favorite toy is anything he can throw. Sometimes he watches Dora and Blues Clues. He saw snow for the first time as we were headed to his birthday bash yesterday.

Speaking of birthday party, it was so much fun! I can't wait to share, but until the film comes in, I don't have much to show. I promise to blog as soon as it's here...you're going to love it! Until then, a peek back at Clark when he was just hours old, and today...our one year old boy.
Happy birthday! We love you!

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Cindy Peek said...

Can't wait to see the rest!