I know it's totally silly, but I feel the need to keep all of Clark's Christmas and birthday presents hidden from him. At this age, he doesn't even know what a present or surprise is, yet I just can't bring myself to leave items out where he might see them. I spent most of my day yesterday wrapping his gifts while he was at daycare, and my office has become the storage area for the red wagon he's getting Christmas morning.

Speaking of Christmas, it's only 13 days away! Yikes! Somehow I managed to get about 90% of our shopping done very early this year, but I've still got little things to do here and there before being finished. And let's not forget...5 days after Christmas is Clark's first birthday! I've called in help from a party planning friend, so I know it's going to be great. I can't wait to share!

Until then, maybe I should get caught up on blogging, eh? This session is from *cough*cough* September *cough*. Ooops. Jordan and I wandered around her home and the Bell Buckle area. I must say, she is totally rockin' that hot pink dress!
JW19 JW26 JW31 JW38 JW45 JW48 JW63 JW66 JW74 JW76

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susan spears said...

One of my favorite people! She looks beautiful! Great job Jenna!