Brian & Katie, Part 1

It's just about time for me to get back to work...I've been away from my office for the past couple of weeks, though to be honest, I'm glad to be back at work. It will seem relaxing compared to the crazy that we experienced since mid-December. We managed to survive Christmas (7, in all...wowzer), as well as Clark's first birthday party (oh, I can't wait to show you those pictures!). And now, it's time to dig in, set a few goals and deadlines for myself, and get back to work.

I know lots of folks out there had a great facebook was basically an explosion of engagement announcements! Congrats to all you newly engaged couples! If you're interested in my services, I highly recommend contacting me ASAP! I am only accepting 15 weddings this year. I really want to offer personal service, and be available to my clients as much as possible, which means I must have fewer clients. Quality over quantity is one of my goals for 2013. Just FYI, I already have 8 weddings booked, with 2 more pending.

I wanted to share one of my favorites from this past fall. Brian and Katie were married at the ever lovely Legacy Farms in Lebanon. Katie had an old Hollywood type presence about her, and the small, sweet wedding was a perfect reflection of their personalities. This is only half of my favorites, check back soon for the rest!

Oh, and in case you're curios...all the photos in this post were photographed with Fuji 160 35mm film; it's my favorite. Expect lots more all-film posts from 2013!

BKL015 BKL021 BKL022 BKL027 BKL037 BKL044 BKL047 BKL052 BKL056 BKL067 BKL072 BKL075 BKL078 BKL080 BKL088 BKL090 BKL106 BKL110 BKL113 BKL123 BKL127 BKL129 BKL130 BKL135 BKL138 BKL139 BKL142 BKL145 BKL149 BKL160 BKL164 BKL179 BKL183 BKL186 BKL188 BKL192 BKL195 BKL196 BKL207 BKL214 BKL218 BKL225 BKL232 BKL247 BKL255 BKL265 BKL267 BKL273 BKL274

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