Nick & Lauren, part 1

In 2012, I made it out to CJ's Off the Square for a record 5 weddings! It's such a beautiful venue, and the team is fantasitc. Every time I go out there, they manage to transform the place into exactly what fits their clients best. For Nick and Lauren, it was beautiful, classic, and elegant.

Once again, all photos in this post were photographed using film. Check back for part 2 to see their sweet ceremony and reception.
NLH016 NLH018 NLH026 NLH027 NLH003 NLH009 NLH080 NLH032 NLH034 NLH036 NLH043 NLH045 NLH049 NLH055 NLH058 NLH061 NLH085 NLH094 NLH103 NLH105 NLH111 NLH119 NLH131 NLH133 NLH140 NLH157 NLH165 NLH179 NLH182 NLH210 NLH201 NLH219 NLH221 NLH224 NLH229

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