It's funny just how much we rely on technology these days. I was watching an episode of "I Love Lucy" (on Netflix...via the Xbox), and there wasn't a cell phone, computer, or pair of headphones in sight. I sorta think I was meant for a pre-tech age like that. Perhaps that's why I love pencils. And film. And the road atlas in our car. Technology just doesn't agree with me. Last Friday, my computer with no warning whatsoever decided to just stop. We haven't figured out exactly what happened, but I've heard the term 'dead hard drive' more than once. So since Friday, I have been a little lost. I want to edit sessions, to design albums, to blog...and I have been frozen. I cried a little (ok a lot) when my laptop quit, because it meant starting over. A new computer, re-installing programs, getting my workflow flowing again. It's a delay, and not the way I wanted to start my new year.

But alas, things happen, and I must look forward. I've spent the last week reorganizing my kitchen, cleaning out junk drawers, and doing several other non-computer related tasks just to keep myself busy. In a way, it's been nice to have an opportunity to really take a week off from work, but then again, I don't like the feeling of not having the world at my finger tips. Without a computer, even something as simple as responding to an email can be frustrating. Thanks to my wonderfully tech savvy husband, I'm now up and running again, and should be fully operational before the weekend is over. 

To those waiting on an album, an order, or just a new blog post: thank you for your patience. And to my new computer: stick around for a while, will ya? I'm a nice person, I promise.

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