Sisters (& cousins)

Have you ever sat straight up in your bed out of a dead sleep in the middle of the night? I have. In fact, last night I did on several occasions thanks to our extremely loud and extremely annoying weather alert radio. The worst part was the stupid thing was over-reacting. At 3:00am, it went off to tell us there was rotation in Columbia. And then at 3:15, it announced a tornado warning in Davidson County. And when it went off at 3:22, it got unplugged. I get it, Radio- it's storming. Like the howling wind isn't enough to wake me up already. When the really bad wind finally got right on top of us, my mom texted me, and up out of the bed I went again. This time I scooped Clark out of his crib to come into our room, just in case things got real. For the most part, I wasn't worried, but every now and again it would get completely silent outside, and that's when my heart started to race a little. Finally, about 5:00 this morning, that darn squall line had passed over us, and we all went back to sleep. Now as I sit here, my eyes are heavy, and I'm wondering if I'll be able to make it through the afternoon without a quick nap.

I probably feel like I did when Clark was a newborn when we had to wake up every few hours...which is probably about how these two sisters are feeling these days. My good friend Colynn and her older sister Natalie were pregnant at the same time, and their little girls were born 3 weeks apart. They called me up for a quick session before Colynn delivered, so they could have some photos of this special time that won't come again. I have no doubt these cousins will grow to be great friends.
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