The Weaver Family

I don't know about you, but I was starting to forget what the sun looked like. It's so nice to see a little sunshine today! Even though I'm still sitting in my office, behind my computer trying to catch up, it's just nice to see the sun peeping through the window and onto the living room floor.
Today, I have my favorite photos from the Weaver family session. I love their lace-and-boots style, don't you? We did their session right on their farm and in the back yard. They were such fun...I can't wait to photograph this beautiful family again!
Weaver67 Weaver01 Weaver04 Weaver10 Weaver13 Weaver17 Weaver20 Weaver22 Weaver24 Weaver34 Weaver37 Weaver38 Weaver42 Weaver43 Weaver46 Weaver49 Weaver51 Weaver53 Weaver57 Weaver61 Weaver70 Weaver73 Weaver75

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