Clark's 1 year portraits

I've had a request or two to post a few new pictures of Clark...and since I haven't shared photos from his "official" one year session, I thought today would be a good day. We took these on the farm, right beside one of my favorite red barns. I have a feeling that red barn is going to make several appearances in Clark's photos through out the years. Oh, and by the's official: Clark can walk! He was able to stand when we did these pictures, but last week on Valentine's Day (how perfect, right?), he started walking all over the place, and all by him self. How did he get so big?
CTH_12mo_03_WEB CTH_12mo_14_WEB CTH_12mo_12_WEB CTH_12mo_16_WEB CTH_12mo_31_WEB CTH_12mo_34_WEB

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