Clark's "Daily Planet" Birthday Party from Clark's first birthday party! I loved our theme, which was "The Daily Planet." For those of you who aren't up to date on your Superman trivia, The Daily Planet is the name of the newspaper where Clark Kent worked. The obvious choice for his birthday theme was "Super Hero," but we decided to save that until he's older and can have fun running around with his friends in capes. So for his first birthday, we did newspapers and globes. The colors were black, white, gray, and teal. Picking the theme and colors is exactly where my input for the party ends. I must give 100% of the credit to Jennifer Hamilton of Mr. & Mrs. Weddings and Events for taking that and running with it. She came up with and implemented all the ideas for the decorations, including the awesome photo mobiles that hung above the food table. Speaking of food, we served chili with all the fixings...baked potatoes, hot dogs, cheese, crackers, etc. It was delicious, and the perfect post-holiday winter meal. Joshy's sister baked the cupcakes with teal icing to match. Somehow, in the mists of opening presents and visiting with guests, I managed to neglect to take any pictures of the food, so you'll just have to take my word for it when I say it was yummy. The party was at the Deason Community Center, a perfect location for us, considering it's just 2 miles down the road and had enough space for everyone. We had such a great group of family and friends who joined us and totally spoiled Clark with toys and presents. My favorite detail of the whole thing was probably his time spent as a layout editor for my college newspaper finally came in handy!
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I actually had Joshy's sister make 2 smash cakes for Clark. I wanted him to have one at the party for everyone to enjoy watching, including myself, and I used the other for a mini photo session at the house, so I could also have some great pictures. I think Clark loved having cake 2 days in a row! These are from his mini one year/cake smashing photo shoot...he's such a ham!
CTH_BdayCake04_WEB CTH_BdayCake01_WEB CTH_BdayCake11_WEB CTH_BdayCake25_WEB CTH_BdayCake27_WEB CTH_BdayCake33_WEB CTH_BdayCake34_WEB CTH_BdayCake14_WEB CTH_BdayCake39_WEB CTH_BdayCake44_WEB
Overall, it was a huge success, but I'm pretty sure next year we will celebrate on a smaller scale, and maybe even wait until mid-February just to give him a little separation from the holidays. A birthday 5 days after Christmas is a lot for a little fella (and his mama)!


Miranda said...

Oh my gosh! Adorable!

I just found a comment you left on my blog years ago! So sorry for ever responding! We share a mutual love for owl logos! HA! - Miranda

Anonymous said...

Hi! you did such an amazing job on your sons birthday! i have been going crazy trying to find the perfect birthday invite for my son and I love love love your invite. Is there anyway you would be willing to share the template with me? My email is

Jenna Henderson said...

Thanks for the sweet comment!! I would love to help out, but I designed my son's birthday invitation from scratch, and so I'm afraid there is no template to share. It was just me and a couple quite hours with photoshop. You might try; it's where I looked to find some inspiration: Good luck!