Need a photographer? Guess what, I'm available!

It's kinda been one of those days, you know? The kind of day where the business running gets a little overwhelming, and I walk that fine line between being 'professional' and just being honest. Today, I choose honest, even if it's a little unprofessional. The truth is, I want to book more weddings, and I'm feeling stuck. I love my job, and I want the opportunity to do my job just as much as I can. So far this year, I have 10 wonderful weddings lined up, but I need 5 more. Without a full wedding calender, I think I'm going to feel a little lost. So I'm putting it out there, even if it sounds a little desperate (because maybe it is): Please book me! These are the dates I'm already booked, but every other day is wide open, including Saturday, October 12th:

March 30
May 3
June 1
June 15
June 22
September 28
October 5
October 19
October 26
November 16

If you hire me, you should know that I pour my heart and soul into every single wedding I photograph. Not only to I dwell on my upcoming weddings for the weeks and days prior, thinking about the ways I can do my job better, I also spend hours after it's all over, going through each and every photo to make sure they're all as perfect as they can be. If you want to hear more about what I can offer you, email me: or call me: 931.703.3016.

This photo of Clark is kinda how I feel sometimes. His expression is tired, but still hopeful that he'll be able to climb over the back of that couch. Maybe that doesn't make sense to anyone, but it makes sense to me.

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