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I. Hate. Cliches. Seriously. It drives me crazy when people make generalized statements about something and assume it's the case for everyone. There is one phrase in particular we've heard over and over since becoming parent: "They grow so fast!" It seems like every day, someone with a child or children older than ours is telling us how much babies change, and how quickly they seem to do it. It's exactly the kind of cliche I don't like.

Well guess what folks: It's totally true.

As much as I hate to admit a cliche is actually a fact, there is no avoiding this one. Clark has been growing and changing right in front of our eyes from day one. Just think about it: in one single year, he went from a 8 pound, barely opening his eyes, completely helpless newborn, to a mobile, communicating, full of personality baby, who is able to play with cars, feed himself cheerios, and listen to directions. All of that in just a year. His hair has grown, he now has teeth, and every day we find ourselves giggling at a new expression. Sometimes, it goes so quickly, I can't even remember what he was like just 3 months ago. I have no doubt remembering will get even more difficult 3 years from now. And as it turns out, Clark isn't the only one changing at the speed of light. Apparently, all babies do this. Thus, the very true cliche. Just take a look at Isaac.

Lucky for you, I built my Baby's First Year package. It's designed with the intention to capture sweet babies at different intervals throughout their first year, so that when they turn one, and their newborn days start to fade from memory, parents have a beautiful collection of photos, showcasing exactly how baby grew and changed over the entire year.

With the items included in this package, you'll have everything you need. First, there are the 5 sessions, scheduled for newborn, three months, six months, nine months, and twelve months. For your newborn session, I'll set up shop in your very own home, so there is no need to get out with your new baby. After each session, I'll have about 40 images to post in your personal online gallery for you to share with family and friends. I will also put those images onto a disc, and with that disc you have the freedom to make all of your own prints. At the end of your fifth session it's time for the Fine Art Album! I'll create a 10x10, 30 page album using photos from all 5 sessions, resulting in a beautiful, custom-designed, leather bound album showcasing your baby's entire year, start to finish.
jHendersonStudios_BabysFirstYear_01 jHendersonStudios_BabysFirstYear_03 jHendersonStudios_BabysFirstYear_02

Of course, the story doesn't start with baby's newborn session. For us, it really began to feel real the day we found out we were expecting a boy. Suddenly, we were able to go from saying "it" to saying "he" and "him." Looking back, it's hard to believe my belly was ever so big! And don't even get me started on how much of a blur the entire birth experience was for me. Therefore, I've included the option to add a maternity session and birth story coverage.

The investment for the Baby's First Year package is $1875; payments are broken down to $375 per session, keeping you from having to pay a huge chunk at once. I know, I sounds like a lot, but you're getting a lot. And if I had to guess, this package probably costs less than you paid for your wedding photos.

I'm so grateful for our wonderful collection of photos of Clark. Everything from our maternity session, to photos of the very first moments he was put into our arms to him devouring his first birthday cake. Plus, I see it as a gift to our son; one day he'll have these photos and will be able to see his own story from the very beginning. I would love the opportunity to help you give your children this same gift. Email me when you're ready to get started on your Baby's First Year plan:

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