A proposal photo session

I have a bucket list of photos I've always wanted to take. A hot air balloon festival is at the top of it. Also on the list...a celebrity family session, a wedding in Paris or Tuscany, and a proposal. I have photographed one other proposal, and loved telling the story. So when Joe called me up and said he wanted to schedule a portrait session during which he would get down on one knee, I was thrilled to say the least. We schemed together over the phone once or twice, just to make sure we knew exactly the plan. And so the day came...I met him and Devin at Cannonsburgh for an 'anniversary' session that Devin had been bugging him to do for quite some time. We got started with a few photos, just like normal. Honestly, it's a wonder those photos are in focus...I was pretty much a nervous wreck! I could hardly speak for fear I would spill the secret. So after about 3 shots, I got the two of them into their perfect spot, gave Joe his cue, and she said yes! The look of shock on her face was priceless. After we all had a moment to let it sink in (and quit shaking a bit), we continued with their now engagement session. So much fun! The next time I shoot a proposal, I want it to be a covert operation, where I'm in disguise or shooting from the bushes or something...any takers?
JoeDevin_10_WEB JoeDevin_13_WEB JoeDevin_18_WEB JoeDevin_23_WEB JoeDevin_27_WEB JoeDevin_37_WEB JoeDevin_41_WEB JoeDevin_51_WEB JoeDevin_74_WEB

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