The Backyard Series, January through March

As a photographer, it's of the utmost importance that I take time to do personal work, meaning I'm photographing because I feel like it or because I'm inspired, and not simply because someone is paying me. In the past, it's sometimes been hard to choose a subject for my personal work, as weddings happen to be so personal to me anyway. However, for about 16 months now, I've had the perfect personal subject right in front of me. For most of Clark's first year, I did photos at specific intervals...3 months, 6 months, first Christmas, etc. This year however, since we've now hit all the "firsts" milestones, I've stepped back a bit to just photograph Clark being Clark. I've done plenty of casual, lifestyle snapshots in the past, but I tend to be lazy about it, and just snap a few photos from the couch or finish off the end of a roll. So, I've challenged myself to a backyard series. Once a month, Clark (and sometimes Joshy) and I head out to the back yard and I shoot one whole roll of film, just of him. This not only forces me off the couch, but also challenges me to see our very boring, treeless backyard in new ways. Here is the first three months of Clark's Backyard Series. In January, it was cold, so I didn't get quite a whole roll finished. And in March, we weren't technically in the back yard, but just across the street. I should have April's to share soon.

Here's January...on a snowy day.
40220005_WEB 52250035_WEB 52250036_WEB

February...on Valentine's Day, my very favorite holiday.
Clark_VDay02_WEB Clark_VDay09_WEB Clark_VDay11_WEB Clark_VDay12_WEB Clark_VDay19_WEB Clark_VDay24_WEB

March...with the buttercups.
Clark_March2013_01_WEB (2) Clark_March2013_07_WEB Clark_March2013_17_WEB Clark_March2013_19_WEB (2) Clark_March2013_21_WEB Clark_March2013_24_WEB

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