Josh & Rachel, part 1 - Downtown Nashville Wedding

If there is one thing about Tennessee weather that's a guarantee, it's that there is no guarantee. Here we sit in the first week of May, and we still have the heat on in our house. I'm ready for the weather to catch up to the calender and warm up. It seems as if we've had an unusually rainy spring.

Rain came on Josh & Rachel's wedding day, but thanks to Josh & Rachel's warmth and glow, it spoiled nothing. Their beautiful downtown Nashville wedding was perfect in every way, even with a little rain. I started the day with Rachel as she was finishing up her hair and make-up, and shortly after she slipped into her hand-made-by-her-mother dress, she and Josh had a very special first look on the Pedestrian Bridge. From there, the day went by in a flash, and before long, Josh & Rachel were Mr. & Mrs. Their ceremony and reception was at the gorgeous new venue The Bridge Building, and the stunning views of the downtown skyline fit right in with their theme.

Here is part 1 of their wedding day; part 2 will be posted soon. Shout out to the great team of vendors who made this wedding happen, including Kristin Kaplan of Simply Stunning Events, Fresh by CarryAnn, Hardink Caligraphy, Amy Lynn Larwig, The Bridge Building, and of course my lovely assistant Kristen Steele.

PS- All of the photos in this post were taken with my Canon EOS3, and either Fuji 160 or Tri-x 400, developed by Film Box.
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