Flat Creek Engagements - Tim & Anne

It was a beautiful day in May for Tim and Anne's engagement session. We were out in Flat Creek on the historic Farrar family farm, complete with baby calves and all. The old yellow house was a little creaky and crooked here and there, but considering it's been standing since 1848, I'd like to think it's in pretty good shape. Tim and Anne's wedding is next in my calendar, and I know she is going to be one stunning bride.
TimAnne_02E_WEB TimAnne_10E_WEB TimAnne_15E_WEB TimAnne_18E_WEB TimAnne_36E_WEB TimAnne_22E_WEB TimAnne_37E_WEB TimAnne_52E_WEB TimAnne_65E_WEB TimAnne_71E_WEB TimAnne_84E_WEB TimAnne_88E_WEB

And last, but certainly not least...a photo of Tim's farmer father David. I'm not sure what tale he was telling....

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