The Schwartz Family

Today I wanted to share photos of this sweet family of four. I love getting these sweet twins in front of my camera, but this was the first time all 4 of the Schwartz family members joined in for a quick photo shoot. We met up on a beautiful, cloudless day right as the sun was going down for a session in front of a red barn. Mattie & Sophie turned 3 this year...don't you just love their sense of style?
Schwartz_77_WEB Schwartz_06_WEB Schwartz_09_WEB Schwartz_19_WEB Schwartz_23_WEB Schwartz_28_WEB Schwartz_30_WEB Schwartz_41_WEB Schwartz_49_WEB Schwartz_53_WEB Schwartz_58_WEB Schwartz_61_WEB Schwartz_74_WEB


Anonymous said...

I love these! Great job capturing their personalities.

Molly said...

These are precious!