Lindsey & Finleigh - Workshop Mini Session

Not too long ago, fellow photographer Stacy Preston came by the house for a workshop day. We spent the day discussing everything from pricing structures, to what products to offer, to editing workflow. We even snuck in a practice mini session...with film! While I felt right at home, it was Stacy's first try with a roll of 35mm. I haven't seen her results yet, but I'm certain they're beautiful. Super huge thanks to Lindsey and Miss Finleigh for stopping by the farm to pose for us!
Lindsey_01_WEB Lindsey_04_WEB Lindsey_08_WEB Lindsey_09_WEB Lindsey_11_WEB Lindsey_13_WEB Lindsey_17_WEB Lindsey_18_WEB Lindsey_21_WEB

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