Meeting Beatrix - Nashville Birth Photography

It was about 6:45 am when Jennifer texted me to say she was in labor. It wasn't quite time for her to head to the hospital, but I went ahead and took a shower, so I would be ready to go at a moment's notice. The hours ticked by slowly, and I found myself still sitting at home well into the afternoon. I did a couple of sessions, then headed back home when it was finally time for me to go. So off to Baptist I went, anxiously ready to begin photographing. I arrived shortly after Jen got her epidural, and I could sense the relief from Jen. Then, it was time to wait, and wait, and wait some more. All through the night, we waited patiently for Bea to arrive, and shortly after 6:30 am on June 19th, she greeted this great big world. Jen and Craig make an amazing team of parents, and I'm so honored to have been present for such an incredible moment in their lives, and I can't wait to see how Beatrix grows. Congrats to Jennifer & Craig!

This birth was photographed with film and digital. For my film shots, I used Tri-X 400, developed by FilmBox.
Beatrix_Birth003_WEB Beatrix_Birth061_WEB Beatrix_Birth065_WEB Beatrix_Birth080_WEB Beatrix_Birth095_WEB Beatrix_Birth117_WEB Beatrix_Birth119_WEB Beatrix_Birth154_WEB Beatrix_Birth188_WEB Beatrix_Birth192_WEB Beatrix_Birth195_WEB Beatrix_Birth213_WEB Beatrix_Birth222_WEB Beatrix_Birth235_WEB

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