Adam & Beth Ann - Post Wedding Session

Not too long ago, I made my way back to the gorgeous farm in Nunelly, TN to meet Adam & Beth Ann for their post-wedding session. Their wedding was beautiful, and so I knew we would have a grand time together for round 2. We even cooled off in the creek a bit. Of course, my favorite part of the evening came after we were finished shooting. Beth Ann and her family invited me to eat dinner with them in the farm house before I got back on the road. I think the best thing about my job is being invited into people's lives...I love when I become friends with my clients!
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Molly said...

These are SO GORGEOUS and they look so comfortable. That's why I love the idea of a post-wedding session -- the nervousness and stress of "the day" are GONE, you're married, you've grown closer on whole new levels, and the pictures just show the pure love and bliss of newlyweds. The groom can be out of his monkey suit. And she dragged her dress in the creek -- !!!!!! Great job.