Anna Kate - 3 years

It's possible we've gone through about a dozen boxes of kleenex in our house over the past few days. Clark has had a runny nose for quite some time, and since late last week, I've joined in on the sniffling. Hopefully, our colds will pass soon and we can put the Tylenol and tissue away for a while.

Today I have a few of Anna Kate and family. Anna Kate participated in my Baby's First Year package, and it's so hard to believe she's 3 already! These babies just grow too fast. During her session at New Hope Chapel, a rain cloud came along and put a pause on things for about 15 minutes before heading back out again. Such crazy weather we've been having this summer.
AKG3yr_02_WEB AKG3yr_06_WEB AKG3yr_12_WEB AKG3yr_17_WEB AKG3yr_30_WEB AKG3yr_45_WEB AKG3yr_47_WEB AKG3yr_51_WEB AKG3yr_67_WEB

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